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the soame collection of badboy kickdrums
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the collections are the living heart of the museum, and bringing our artefacts to as wide an audience as possible is the cornerstone of our mission as an organisation.

click on one of the links below to take a virtual tour of our collections!

the james soame collection of badboy kickdrums
our unique collection of hard-as-nails, banging kickdrums spanning the history and geography of techno. we've digitised the sound of some of the best, and most curious exhibits, and uploaded them here for you to enjoy.

the franklin journal
some extracts from charles franklin's 19th century journal were kindly donated to the museum last year. the journal provides a unique insight into social attitudes to techno in the late 19th century.

bass in battle
an exhibition describing pictures and recordings from the museum's permanent collection which relate to the use of infrasound as a weapon.

joseph kelly: all music is techno
the life and times of 1950s techno scientist Dr Joseph Kelly, and his theories about the nature of techno.

research: restoring basslines to old recordings
a fascinating look at carl loftus' work on the restoration of basslines to recordings of 20th century techno.

research: theoretically perfect techno
joseph kelly's formulae suggest that it is possible to derive an equation to produce theoretically perfect techno - but what would it sound like? the museum's researchers aim to find out.
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* novation - see the technicians' synthesiser tutorial!
* underground tv - see the technicians on rapture television!
* musicthing - you can't buy talent, but you can try.